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3 Tips From The Experts Guied for a Balanced Diet

A lot of people strive to have an ideal body that has harmonic details and an attractive shape, and for this purpose, they resort to following any diet which is written in a book or article quickly without consulting their doctor or even knowing if this diet will be suitable for them or not. Consequently, they may try one which isn’t proper, leading to cause many health problems for them. 

 Balance diet


Vitamin D, Garden of Life

So we appeal to these people to follow a balanced diet that includes all the nutrients that are necessary for their bodies free of depriving them of the essential substances that contribute to building the body. That’s why; we present here a package of tips that guarantee that our bodies get all that they need in a healthy way, but with preventing any chances that can lead to earning any additional weight that may be considered overweight.

1 - Avoid eating before sleep directly

Late dinner is something away from the required balanced diet and is considered a bad habit that is very harmful to our bodies especially if it contains a lot of complicated types of food that need a long time to be digested. 

So you ought to eat your dinner three hours before sleep, provided that it is very light and contains easily digestible foods. This habit is very important because our body isn’t ready to work hard at night, hence, the metabolism will be very slow. Subsequently, plenty of fats and calories will accumulate in our bodies to form chubby parts that make us suffer from obesity.



2 - Healthier food, fewer calories

This is a very important point in the balanced diet we should focus on healthy food that is full of the valuable nutrients that help our body to be built ideally and protected from diseases simultaneously. So we are supposed to search for food that contains more protein, minerals, and vitamins; because such food often has more fibers that make our stomachs satisfied quickly and are also free from additional fats that cause many diseases. So eat only the products which have “whole grains” because they are very suitable for the above-mentioned specifications as they include fibers and protein and such food remains in the stomach for a long time, 

so you will not desire to eat repeatedly. Furthermore, be keen on eating nuts as they contain useful fatty acids such as Omega-3 that is very salutary for the health of the heart, in addition, try to prepare green and fruit salad to be an essential item on your table to get a share of vitamins daily and the most efficient and  delicious plat is the one containing ( quarter starch, a quarter protein, the rest is vegetable and fruits)

Healthy food

3 - Drink 3 liters of water daily

Water is the secret of life for all organisms as it provides us with the main minerals that we need, besides, it motivates our bodies to work efficiently resulting to burn more calories and activate all the vital operations that are made by the body including metabolism that help us to benefit from all nutrients that exist in the food without storing any additional fats. 

So drink a large amount of water every day, the detoxed water is more beneficial as it decreases cancer’s free radicals from the body and also it is easy to make, just add to water (fresh lime juice, cucumbers, mint leaves, ginger) and it is the most popular recipe among celebrities too.


By following these tips, your diet will be balanced and very useful for your body; hence, you will enjoy a healthy life.

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