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How to Lose 3 Kilos Per Week in 3 Steps

There are many diets that promise you to lose a big number of kilos within an extremely short time, but these types of diets usually negatively affect general health because such diets cause a shock for the body due to the deprivation of many nutrients and most of them depend on so-called “chemical diet”. This type is often based on eating one kind of food within the entire day. For example, on Monday you should eat strips of cucumber only, then on Tuesday you ought to eat small portions of carrots only... etc.

However, such ways have many disadvantages because they aren’t balanced. Therefore, we should follow a wise approach to lose our overweight safely without facing any side effects; that’s why I will try here to mention some habits and steps that help us to lose 3 kilos per week by following moderate ways that guarantee to achieve our aim accurately.


1 – Eat limited small portions

When you put your meal on the table, you are supposed to determine the required amount before starting to eat; because when you put a limited amount of food that is presented in small portions, your brain will realize that this amount is all available food and it is enough to fill your stomach, consequently, you will able to reduce the amount of food. Furthermore, try to eat slowly to feel satiety quickly and prevent your appétit to demand more food. It so an effective habit that aids you to eat less food.


2 - No sugar after today

It is a very crucial decision that you should take; because sugar is the main reason for obesity and its danger lies in the subtle way by which we eat it. We often eat sugar in all food and beverages within the entire day but we sometimes convince ourselves that we have only a small portion every time, but in fact, we eat and drink the same amount within repeated doses, so at the end of the day we will be full of a large amount of sugar, and eventually, we make the same mistake that we try to avoid it. Subsequently, we must refrain from adding sugar to our food and beverages so that we can stay away from earning more harmful calories


3 - Reduce drinking alcohol

Unfortunately, drinking alcohol is a bad habit that spreads among a lot of people, so we should be aware of the negative effects of alcohol that are present in having harmful calories that make our pancreas very tired and exhausted, in addition, when one drinks alcohol excessively, it leads to release the hormone that is called “estrogen” that helps to gain more weight.

By following these steps, we promise you to lose 3 kilos per week safely and without any health problems.

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