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As Simply: How to Burn 300 Calories Daily?

In the last days, there have been many diets that promise us to lose our over-weight within a short time, but these diets and programs, unfortunately, depend on many things that we can’t do it as doing hard exercises or eating certain types of food within the entire day, therefore, we become tired and feel boring, thus, we go back to our previous lifestyle.

However, some many new ideas and solutions can help us to achieve our goal without facing any problems; because these ideas are based on simple habits that we practice daily but we aren’t used to taking advantage of it ideally and properly.

How To Burn Fat


1- Stand up to lose 120 calories

Unfortunately, most people lose a great opportunity to lose weight when they spend their entire day in their seats. 

However, you can lose many calories without leaving your office or home by remaining standing while doing your daily activities.

For example: you can visit your colleague in his office instead of calling him by phone, you can stand while reading a report or any document, and you can stretch your muscles while seeing the street through your window. Really, we have a lot of chances that we can take advantage of it throughout the day. In this way, your body will burn 120 calories daily.


2- Chew your food slowly

Chew is the most important stage in the food process because it makes the task of the stomach easier and helps the digestive system to do its function ideally.

However, chewing has other benefits that contribute to losing more calories, for example, when you chew the food in your mouth slowly, you will feel satiety quickly, consequently, you will not desire to eat more, in addition, the process of chewing consumes calories to create the necessary energy for the movement of the jaws, so you burn calories during eating!


It is a simple habit that we shouldn’t ignore during our day, so try to implement some of these habits to burn more calories.